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AR Boring is a drilling and boring company based in Welch, Texas, and serving areas across the South Plains, including the rural communities surrounding the city of Lubbock. They offer drilling services including dirt digging and incinerator bore holes to help dispose of garbage. What sets AR Boring apart is their mission is to serve West Texas with drilling services and glorify God as they do so. They work hard to offer the best digging services as well as the best customer service and satisfaction around. There are many people drilling wells and pumps, but few are boring for incinerators. At AR Boring, the founders saw a need and decided to use their experience in drilling to fill that void. AR Boring provides boring services for incinerators across West Texas.

Incinerators are not only space-saving and potentially earth-saving. They are also one of the only approved ways to dispose of animal remains and are very useful to places such as dairies and veterinary clinics or hospitals. Though they have been on the decline for a bit, they are still beneficial in largely rural communities. In countries across the world, incineration is the preferred method to dispose of garbage that cannot be reused or recycled due to several reasons, including energy conservation, efficiency, space saving, and lower methane emissions than landfills. However, those who reside within city limits are largely unable to have incinerators. Though they are not for everyone, incinerators can be a huge time and space saver for many who reside in rural areas and do not want to have to pay for garbage removal services or to haul their trash to an incinerator.

Your Web Pro LLC would like to thank AR Boring for choosing us to design and build your new website! We are grateful for your business and look forward to seeing you continue to grow. To learn more, visit their new website at

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December 6, 2022

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