The other day as my sister and I sat down to watch some Netflix after a long day of work, we found that our Internet was not loading quickly. She hastily exited out of the app and tried to reboot it with little success. While this is not a website, the same results often apply when a website isn’t loading as fast as it should. If a site does not pull up within a few seconds, many site visitors will hit the back arrow or click out of the window. In today’s fast paced culture, few people want to wait for things to load, especially if what is slowing down your site load time is not slow internet connection. In fact, you can slow down your site’s loading speed without even meaning to. If your host server is overcrowded, your photos are not optimized, and more, your website is likely loading slower than it ought.


Few things frustrate site visitors as much as trying to pull up a website and it takes forever and a day to load, and it isn’t because of a poor internet connection. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to increase the speed of your website and ensure that potential customers do not click off your website before it even loads up! First, you can optimize your server response time. Servers are often overloaded with thousands of websites, which slows down response time significantly. By hosting your website with Your Web Pro, you can increase your website speed. We do not put more than 200 websites on each of our servers so website speed remains quick. Another thing you can do is optimize the images on your website. All images should be either JPEGs (photographs) or PNGs (graphics with fewer than 16 colors) and compressed for the internet. You should create a template through CSS to combine your images into one that loads all at once rather than waiting for the website to load multiple images.

Your Web Pro can help you optimize your website and increase your site speed. Get in touch today to learn more about how we can help you!

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