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Getting imagery the right way: Licensed stock

Website content is very important for gaining and holding a visitor, but to grab their initial attention you need captivating images and videos. There is a wrong way and a right way to get those media files. As we continue our look at how to correctly use images and videos on your website we are looking at method 3: Licensed stock.

Just buy it!

Sometimes it is not possible to take the right picture yourself and not feasible to hire a photographer so the best option is to use licensed stock. Most licensed stock imagery must be purchased from one of the major stock companies like iStockPhoto. When you purchase this imagery it is vital to do so under your own company name so the license is issued to you directly. If they ever audit the license this will save you a serious headache.

Most photos you license are very affordable and the variety of images and videos available is mind-blowing. If you need a Hispanic woman in blue scrubs holding a pink coffee cup there are probably a few angles to choose from. This is, by far, the easiest way to get good imagery.

Find freebies

Another avenue is to search the free stock sites like Morgue File. These contain thousands of images that are licensed for free or attribution only use. With these your choices will be more limited so you might need to be less picky about the exact parameters of the photo or video, but there are still a lot of good choices.

We will often encourage customers to look here first then turn to the premium stock sites if they don’t see what they are looking for.

Using stock images is often not the go-to choice, but it can be a good option when your imagery needs are not able to be met any other way. No matter how you have to get it, using great photographs and video on your website will make a big difference in how people relate to your company online.