I don’t know about you, but I always look forward to the new year! For me, it is a time to think about what comes next, what I want out of the next year, what needs to be different and what I no longer need at all! This year as you are getting your end-of-year reset planned and done, think about if it is time to redesign your website.

There are many reasons to consider redesigning your website. Maybe it is out of date and looks a little old. Maybe it is running slower than it should. Maybe you are rebranding, or perhaps you would like to improve your sales or increase your growth. Whatever your reason may be, redesigning your website is a decent undertaking, and it will not automatically guarantee a jump in sales numbers or an improvement in your online marketing. What it will do is attract visitors to stay on your website longer, improve the clarity of your site, increase indexing by search engines, and show customers that you care about your online presence. Your Web Pro has three good reasons to redesign your website:

1. Communicate better with your audience. If your website is still running well and appeals to the eye but is not clear with what your intentions are, you should consider redesigning your website. It will not matter what your website can do or what it looks like if the purpose of your site is unclear. Visitors will likely click off soon after entering the site if they cannot determine what you are marketing.

2. Improve user experience. If you have a brick and mortar store or office in addition to your online marketing, you likely keep that orderly and welcoming for your customers. You should do the same with your online presence! Perhaps I’m one of few to do this, but there have been times where I have decided not to enter a store or office building if it is hard to navigate or confusing. Your site visitors are likely to do the same if your site is not user-friendly.

3. Improve your SEO. Not only will a redesign help search engines to index your site, but it will also help customers get a better idea of what you are marketing without even visiting your site. From search engine result pages, they will be able to clearly see what you are marketing and decide if it is what they are looking for. Your ranking may also see improvement!

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