Facebook gets a bad rap, and perhaps some of it is warranted, but it remains true that advertising on Facebook is one of the most effective places for you to gain new business! If you are looking to improve your sales, drive more traffic to your website, and increase awareness about your brand or company, consider starting a Facebook advertisement campaign. There are many things a Facebook campaign can offer that you might not get with another form of advertising, even on Google or through email marketing! Here are four of the biggest benefits of advertising with Facebook:

The process to get started is simple. At Your Web Pro, we have a meeting with you regarding what you are hoping to gain from your campaign, learn more about your goals and audience, and then get started by narrowing down the group you will be targeting, your budget, and the timeline. Your campaign can be up and running in the blink of an eye and can also be edited at any point if you would like to broaden or further narrow down your audience.
Facebook has more monthly users than any other social networking platform. With more people scrolling the app or website, you are more likely to get hits off Facebook than you are off an email, which can often be overlooked, or a Google ad, where you are paying for your spot on result pages.
You are able to customize everything about your audience. You do not have to just choose a gender, age range, and location. You can narrow down your target audience by age, gender, interests, location, known likes, and engagement so your ad is not going out to a bunch of people who never interact with advertisements or only get on Facebook once every few months. Repeated exposure to an advertisement increases the likelihood that one will click on it.
Facebook is an easy platform to use. From grandparents down to high schoolers, anyone can figure out how to use it. There is no real average age of a Facebook user, as it has more users than any other social network. Whether you are trying to reach college-aged girls or grandparents who are looking to buy an RV and travel, you can find your audience on Facebook!

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