If you are anything like me, you always check the email address before you look at the subject line. Did you know that the vast majority of people are like me and look at an email address before the subject line in order to determine whether or not they will open a message? This is why it is so important that your company use professional email addresses that incorporate your company’s domain, and you should also ensure that your professional email is used only for work related matters. As a guide, here are some guidelines to help you figure out the best way to go about using your company email address.

Stay consistent across platforms. If your company is called “Lubbock Candle Company,” that is what your website, Facebook and other social media pages, email address, and branding should ideally be called. It does not help to grow your brand if your company is Lubbock Candle Company, your website is “greatcandleslubbock”, your social media is Lubbock’s Best Candles, and your email is “john123@yahoo.com”! Your brand will grow through consistency, which includes using the same name across all of your domains and stay professional when interacting with potential customers.
Personalize the email address for its purpose. Each person in your company should have a professional email address that is something like “theirname@domainname”, and you can even go further by having addresses personalized for their use. For example, when someone is trying to contact your company through your website, it looks a lot better to send a message to “contact@domain.com” than it does to email “name@domain.com”. The primary way people get in contact with your company should not be through your personal email address.
Create a personalized email signature. When you are signing off on your emails, the last thing people read should be professional. For example, it can have your full name (first and last), your educational background if applicable a line below that, your phone number where you would like people to be able to reach you (likely not your personal cell, if possible), and your email address published again.

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