When it comes to your website, there are a few things that you hope never happen. Chief among these is a major hack! However, this happened to one of our clients a few months back. These customers did not have their website hosted with Your Web Pro, and when their website was hacked, it was unreachable and unusable. Because their site was hosted on a large server, there was lots of red tape to get through and no real way to fix what had been hacked. The owner at The Tarp House reached out to Your Web Pro, and our team jumped into action quickly to make sure that they did not have to go without a site for too long.

Your Web Pro worked to get the domain for The Tarp House transferred from their old host to our own hosting services. This allows us to monitor your site for suspicious activity and get on top of any potential issues before they turn into big problems! While we did have some trouble working to get their site transferred to our server, when this was completed, the team was ready to roll. Your Web Pro built a site for The Tarp House to advertise their electric, trailer, and custom tarps so customers could easily find them and get in touch! Additionally, we built this site free of charge to get The Tarp House back up and running.

At Your Web Pro, we believe in taking care of our customers in every way we can. You are more than just a customer number or a site that we never see. When you choose Your Web Pro, you are choosing a local small business that treats you like you are our own family. If a problem arises, we deal with it as quickly as we can so your business experiences as little disruption as possible.

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