While it’s hard to believe, Thanksgiving is now just over a week away, and more than ever, people are thinking about the holiday season. Every time I leave my house to go grocery shopping or to go for a drive, there are more and more houses with their Christmas lights up, inflatables in their front yards, and storefronts decorated for next month. Though the days are still sometimes pretty warm and it may be hard to think about Christmas, have you considered advertising online this holiday season in order to get word out about what your business can offer this holiday season? From cleaning services to gifts to home improvement, you have something to offer, and people are online more than they normally are. Take advantage of a strange time and start your advertising campaign with Facebook!

More people are on Facebook than any other social media platform, and a majority of those users are on Facebook at least one time a day. Advertising through Facebook is a great and effective way for you to market your services or products when normal word-of-mouth and storefront advertising are less effective and reach fewer people than online advertising. Facebook allows you to very specifically target your campaign. From location (letting someone in Seattle know about your holiday light service in Lubbock is not very effective, even if they do need someone to put up their Christmas lights) to gender to age to interests to interaction and more, you can ensure that your campaign reaches the most people who are the most likely to engage with your offerings.

Contact Your Web Pro LLC today to get started on your Facebook ad campaign! After all, it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

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