The team at Interim Healthcare Foundation believes that every person has opportunities to do good. Their opportunity came while listening to the stories of their friends who owned a statewide hospice foundation. During dinners with their friends, they would listen to stories of people who could not afford to see their dying family members, who could not afford heating or electricity during winter due to hospital bills, who could not afford to bury their loved ones with the money they had. While these stories were heartbreaking, the team at Interim Healthcare Foundation knew that many hospice providers would be financially (and emotionally) devastated if they were to try to meet every single need of every single patient. This birthed the idea of Interim Healthcare Foundation.

Interim Healthcare Foundation exists to help those in need get access to services they require. Additionally, the foundation looks to extend help above and beyond hospice care coverage, from helping fund end-of-life needs and wishes of patients and their loved ones to funding hospice care to helping patients find peace in their last days with their friends and family. Interim Healthcare Foundation also hopes to help educate people on what hospice care is, the benefits it offers, and how your every day person can help the hospice providers in their area. The foundation has a mission to assist those who are coping with terminal illness as well as the death of loved ones through the process of grief and bereavement.

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