Professional Recovery Divers LLC, or PR Divers, works in Lubbock, Texas, and areas across the region to recover lost possessions. The company operates under the motto “Essayons”, which translates to “Let Us Try.” Simply stated, PR Divers works to exceed your expectations where others may have fallen short or failed. PR Divers is the fastest-developing golf ball recovery company in the Southwestern United States. With dozens of contracts growing in Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico, the views and opportunities are expanding rapidly. In addition to recovering golf balls for resorts, they also have independently contracted divers who are hired to recover other valuables that may end up underwater, including things like cell phones, rings, and more.

At PR Divers, the mission is always to finish the job. While the ability to recover lost objects varies on weather, water pollution, size of geographical search area, and more, PR Divers aims to always get what you have hired them to retrieve. Whether it is a vehicle, golf balls, your cell phone, or any other lost object, the company carries values instilled by the founder’s career in the U.S. Army and education from Lubbock Christian University: Loyalty, Respect, Selfless Service & Integrity. PR Divers truly puts people before profits, and they commit to going above and beyond in order to recover your lost possessions. Whether you are a golf resort hoping to recover lost golf balls or you’ve lost your boat motor, PR Divers can do it all!

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