Wouldn’t it be great if everything in life let us know when it was on its way out? I found out last week that my air conditioning unit needs to be replaced. It stopped working without a single warning! I also have a favorite pair of workout tennis shoes. I wear them for everything from working in the backyard to running to doing projects around my house. After a year and a half of wear, they are showing signs of giving out. I know I will need a new pair before too long. Other things, however, do not give us as strong indications that they are in need of replacing. During college, I had no idea my car battery was dying until one day it suddenly would not start and no lights came on when I opened the driver’s side door. Another example would be a website.

There is a good chance that your website still works the way it is supposed to. It may still collect data, offer products, and give the information site visitors need. However, if your site is more than a year and a half old, you have undergone big business changes such as a mission or ownership change, or your site is loading very slowly, it may be time for a new website. You can also consider a website rebuild if you are ready to update the aesthetic of your site or if your company has rebranded. Site visitors want to see modern websites with relevant information, good user interface, and pages and pictures that load quickly. Search engines also index your site more frequently and tend to rank it higher if it is recent, relevant and solid information exists on each page, and the page load time is quick. Older websites are overall slower and do not perform as well in SEO rankings.

If any of these things sound like your website, it is likely time to consider a new website! Contact Your Web Pro LLC today to learn more about how we can help you and your business with a new website.

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