The fact is that more people browse the internet on their phones than on their desktop purely out of convenience. Nine times out of ten when I am looking something up or browsing the Internet, I am not on my computer. Instead, I am sitting in the passenger seat of my sister’s car or sitting at a table somewhere, and what I have handy when something comes to mind that I want to look up is my phone. Smartphones have revolutionized the way we see the Internet as well as the way we see things on the Internet. While you definitely want a great desktop website, it is just as (if not more) important to have a mobile responsive site that draws visitors in and keeps them on your site for longer than a few seconds. If it is so important that sites are mobile responsive, why is it something that often gets ignored?


At Your Web Pro LLC, we know that it is vital that your site is responsive on desktop and mobile. After all, an estimated 40% of people go to a different website when mobile responsiveness is poor. When we build your website, we customize the mobile theme as well as the desktop. Mobile responsiveness is the ability to read text without zooming, see the whole page without scrolling horizontally, and enough space to tap a target (a button, link, page, etc.) Without mobile responsive design, sites are indexed less often and lose steam in search engine optimization, which means it is harder to find your site when you are on Google. With over half of all searches coming from smart phones, you cannot afford to neglect mobile responsive web design. It is no longer an add-on, but a necessity!


If you are unsure whether or not your website is mobily responsive, contact Your Web Pro today! We would love to help you out and get your site perfected for mobile searches.

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