Established in 2013 in Gardendale, Texas, Broken Spoke Farm is home to horses, cattle, and a full ABGA Registered Show Goat operation. In 2019, Broken Spoke Farm made the move from Gardendale to the historic McQuay Stables (West) in Tioga, Texas. McQuay Stables was a state-of-the-art reining and hunter & jumper training, sales, and breeding facility. The facility consisted of three properties that housed approximately two-hundred horses, with an average of eighty in training at all times. The program was divided into three divisions: Breeding, Reining, and Hunters & Jumpers. McQuay Stables is the final resting place of both renowned Hall of Fame Stallion and Ten Million Dollar Sire, Colonels Smoking Gun (Gunner), and legendary Hall of Fame Six Million Dollar Sire, Hollywood Dun It, both vital parts of McQuay history. A strong line-up of current stallions stood by McQuay Stables also includes Yellow Jersey, Hollywoodstinseltown, Smart And Shiney, Gunners Tinseltown, and Mister Nicadual, now located at Tom McCutcheon Reining Horses. Today, Broken Spoke Farm houses quality animals that regularly compete at local, regional, and national level shows.

Broken Spoke Farm has award winning goat sires, goats for sale, competition horses and ponies, cattle, cats and dogs (most of which have been rescued), and is soon to house a veterinary facility. It is also where former PBR bull Slimdini 303 spent his last few years! Goats from Broken Spoke Farm find their homes all over the nation, from Texas to Oklahoma to Colorado and even farther. Whether you are looking for a goat kid or a goat for sale, you can find a quality registered goat at Broken Spoke Farm.

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