According to the Scottish Rite’s Director of Membership Development S. Brent Morris, freemasonry is the world’s oldest and largest fraternity. From its formation, it developed in the British Isles during the 17th century and became a formal organization in 1717. At this time, the Premier Grand Lodge was formed in London, and at this time, there were only two levels of membership, or Degrees. The goal of these degrees were to teach simple character-building lessons based upon the symbolism of stonemasons’ tools. By 1730, the Third Degree was added in England, teaching further lessons of morality based on allegories surrounding King Solomon’s Temple. As the grew and spread across Europe, especially to France, additional Degrees were added onto the basic foundation. Each of these new Degrees existed to expand on the earlier symbolism and offering further moral instruction. There are now literally hundreds of Degrees based upon the foundation of character and morality.

The Lubbock Scottish Rite adds to the chapters of people who are working daily in commitment to bettering their communities and enhancing life right where they are. The Lubbock Scottish Rite is a part of the Southern Jurisdiction. Within the Scottish Rite, each Valley has up to four Scottish Rite bodies, and each body confers a set of degrees. In the Southern Jurisdiction, these are the Lodge of Perfection (4°–14°), Chapter of Rose Croix (15°–18°), Council of Kadosh (19°–30°), and the Consistory (31°–32°). The Supreme Council confers the 33rd Degree of Sovereign Grand Inspector General. The Lubbock Scottish Rite has two main philanthropies, which are the Scottish Rite Learning Center of West Texas and the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children. The Scottish Rite Learning Center of West Texas benefits students with dyslexia.

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