While you could always get a website built and then not touch it again, most people would like edits and additions to their website over time! At Your Web Pro LLC, whether we are working on a redesign, a site that is based around an older one, or a completely new website, we use WordPress to build out our sites. From user-friendly interfaces to the easy ability to make changes, there are a number of reasons we choose WordPress as our website builder. As listed last week, and one of the chief reasons is that we are largely able to get your website done quickly and efficiently. After we secure your domain and get WordPress set up, we are able to install the plugins needed to keep your site safely offline as we build it, set up SEO on each page, and complete the design on your website.


By using WordPress to design your site, the team at Your Web Pro LLC is able to customize color schemes, fonts, and more to your liking. We use different plugins to optimize images for quicker loading time, set up title and meta tags for each page to help your SEO ranking, use contact forms that can send directly to you, and put together a site that works for you. Almost all of what we do for building websites is done through WordPress, from contact forms to job listings to fillable PDFs to applications. WordPress has so many different functions and plugins that things rarely need to come into the site from other places. From designing sliding headers to adding maps to contact pages, we use WordPress. Its functionality is one of the main reasons we use WordPress!


If you are looking for a website redesign, a custom build, or a new website, contact Your Web Pro today. We can walk you through a little bit of our process and how we use WordPress to build your website!

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