Double T Meat Company is the exclusive online distributer of Raider Red Meats located in Lubbock, Texas. They offer high quality meats and are owned and operated by Texas Tech Alumni. A portion of all proceeds received by Double T will benefit Texas Tech University. Raider Red Meats has had a mission to honorably serve others in the pursuit of excellence, enhance the quality of life through teaching innovatively, public service, and research. For more than 50 years, Raider Red Meats has offered a broad variety of the highest quality products, from beef steaks to bacon to ready-to-eat meats like smoked beef prime rib, beef jerky, and smoked sausage. The Raider Red Meats program allows students to gain viable experience in practical business and meat science. All proceeds generated from the sale of Raider Red Meats provides funds for judging teams, graduate student research and scholarships for students within the Department of Animal & Food Sciences at Texas Tech, just like a portion of all the proceeds from Double T.

You can get the best tasting meat you have ever had at Double T Meat. Whether you are looking for flavorful bacon that will improve your breakfasts, fajita meat for your family dinner, or steaks to throw on the grill one hot summer night, you can find it at Double T Meat. They also have lamb, pork, and beef brisket products as well as seasonings that are guaranteed to make your meat taste even better! To ensure the best taste, each steak from Double T Meat is aged a minimum of 30 days for enhanced beef flavor and tenderness. Wet aged beef remains sealed in a cryo-vac bag and stored in a 36° – 38° environment during the aging process. Aging creates consistency and consistency creates happy a customers, the owners say.

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