The BRG Bible started out as a desire to help readers of the King James Bible see the words of the Trinity more clearly. In 1899, Dr. Louis Klopsch set out to lift the words of Jesus Christ in the King James Bible translation. Dr. Klopsch’s purpose was to offer clarity and understanding to those who read the Bible, and the Red Letter Edition of the Bible that has become common was born. Dr. Klopsch chose to use the color red to highlight the words of Jesus because red is the color of blood. In early 2010, Scott and Jane Johnson returned from their prayerful trip to Israel and received a clear revelation from God about what would become the BRG Bible. While Dr. Klopsch had lifted the words of Christ in red, Scott and Jane heard from God about lifting the words of God in the color blue and the Holy Spirit in gold. Thus, the BRG Bible was born with the words of God in blue, all references to the Holy Spirit and names of the Holy Spirit in gold, and Jesus Christ’s words in red. In the same ways that the Red Letter Edition has blessed its readers, Scott and Jane believe that the BRG Bible will bless as well in giving recognition to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Through the new BRG Bible website, interested readers have a variety of BRG Bible options. They can buy the BRG Bible in digital format (including the New Testament, full Bible, Spanish Bible, and more through platforms such as eBook, iTunes, and Kindle), read the story of how the BRG Bible came to be and what it represents, read blog posts written by Scott pertaining to momentous events throughout Scripture, and more. The BRG Bible App is also coming soon, and site visitors have a chance to see information and announcements regarding things like the app through the website.

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