Based in the small but vibrant town of Olton, Texas, Woods of the Plains is a furniture shop dedicated to recapturing a time that never was. Through hand-crafted, one of a kind furniture pieces such as tables, wood slabs, chairs, picture frames, and more, Woods of the Plains evokes a steampunk aesthetic inspired by the likes of Jules Verne. The furniture is based off a science-fictional genre that takes the present, high-tech steam, steel, and gears and reimagines it into something you have never before seen. Statement pieces from Woods of the Plains have been sent from smalltown Olton throughout the region, state, and even country. You can be assured that the piece you buy from Woods of the Plains is nowhere else, and your table, chair, picture frame, or other piece will be the envy of all who see it!


All of the pieces from Woods of the Plains are created from reclaimed antiques and repurposed into what you see in the online store. Though the community of Olton is small, with a population of just over 2,000, it is a hub for thriving small businesses, authentic restaurants, and a booming agricultural community. In fact, Woods of the Plains is one of several locally owned businesses in the area whose impact spreads beyond the community. With a local team working hard to reimagine antiques into unique statement pieces, you can be assured that whatever you purchase from Woods of the Plains benefits hardworking members of the community!


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