Today’s world is increasingly online, and more and more people are on social media for everything from marketing to making money to getting suggestions and posting updates. The great thing about social media is that it is so versatile. You can scroll your feed and see a picture of someone’s child celebrating their birthday, pass a targeted advertisement for meal delivery kits, and browse an online marketplace of things people have put for sale. I myself have used social media to sell gently worn clothes, check in on family and friends, share snippets of my own life, and get information on local businesses I am interested in visiting. However, as versatile and helpful as social media can be, nothing replaces a website for your business.

It could be easy enough to run your business through social media only, but you are missing a significant chunk of what you could be doing without one. A website increases your credibility, offers a more secure method of purchasing, updates customers on what is happening in your store, and more. You can offer online orders, curbside pickup, update hours, create pop-ups for discounts, and display all of your products and whether or not they are in stock. Your business can also grow if you offer shipping through your website so those who do not live in the area but are still interested in your product can still shop with you. Additionally, a website shows that you are an established business and will show up higher on SEO rankings than a social media page will. Your website can be specifically targeted to show up when certain searches are made, which is likely to increase your profitability.

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